Micro Bio is Ireland's only manufacturer of Chlor-Alkali products.

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Micro Bio’s products and solutions are manufactured to meet the specific needs of the industries that we serve. We supply high quality products, serving customers for whom process control is critical and purity is paramount.

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Leading with Technology

Micro Bio’s Advanced membrane technology facility produces high quality products, Synthesis grade HCL, with advanced German technology used throughout the plant.

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Leading with Service

Micro Bio is the only Chlor-Alkali manufacturer on the island of Ireland, with outstandingly fast and efficient customer service - around the clock, 24-7-365.

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Leading with Quality

Quality of systems, processes & products has been a priority for Micro Bio since our foundation. Dedicated quality team performing hundreds of daily tests.

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About Micro Bio

Ireland’s sole Chlor-Alkali manufacturer since 1979.

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Secure delivery directly from our site to yours, ensuring safety and purity throughout the supply chain.

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