Distribution Options

Micro Bio is able to deliver directly from our site to yours

Intermediate Bulk Containers

The all-plastic IBC incorporates a Plastic bottle in double-skinned foam-filled polyethylene cage. Safe and efficient liquid storage & distribution, range of reusable Intermediate Bulk Containers are ideal for all kinds of liquid chemical, food & pharmaceutical distribution which carries 1000 ltrs.

Jerry Can 20 ltr. Containers

Plastic Jerry-cans made from food grade material. Sizes vary from 1 litre to 20 litres. All materials used in manufacture of the container and closures conform to national and international food stuff legislation. The entire range has been rigorously tested in accordance with U.N. recommendations and hold certificates for Group II or higher processes.

200 ltr. Barrel

It is non-reactive with chemicals, leak proof and transported on pallets. His double L-Ring barrel has been specifically engineered to give maximum strength and reliability. Blow moulded from high density Polyethylene, the double L Ring design allows safe and easy manipulation of the barrels and its unique shape makes it the ideal choice when pallet storage is required.


A reusable container of doubled walled construction designed for the distribution of hazardous chemicals solutions. 30 and 45 litre capacities. The container incorporates an integral ergonomically shaped hand ring, an offset pouring spout and secure inter stacking features.

Bulk Road Tankers

Dedicated bulk storage tanks ensures readily available products for delivery by road tanker. As with all our containers our road tankers are dedicated by product and maintained to the highest standards. Many services can be provided including tamper evident markings and equipment.

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