Why Micro Bio?

Cell Membrane Technology

Micro Bio installed the first commercially operated membrane technology facility in Europe, in 1979. Since then, Micro Bio has remained at the forefront of Chlor-Alkali production.

Our current plant uses advanced German Technology to produce high quality products, to meet the demands of the Irish market – quickly and efficiently, with full, round-the-clock support and service 24-7-365.

HCL Synthesis

Micro Bio operates a standalone HCL Synthesis system in which high purity gases from the membrane plant - hydrogen and chlorine - are reacted in a controlled environment, to produce high quality, high purity Hydrochloric Acid to 38% concentration w/w.

Micro Bio is the only company in Ireland manufacturing ‘Synthesis grade’ HCL, which is the accepted, best process for producing premium grade hydrochloric acid at a standard not routinely available on the world’s markets.

GMP Products and Customised Solutions

Micro Bio is a highly flexible facility, manufacturing to USP, EP, JP and Multi-Compendial standards. They are available in all concentrations and can be supplied in any size packaging up to and including bulk tankers.

  • Isolated filling facility
  • Manufactured with USP, EP grade purified water
  • Closed Dedicated Process
  • Allergen, BSE, TSE free environment
  • VOC free environment
  • Endotoxin Free
  • Validated test methods
  • Customer Agreed specifications
  • Dedicated packaging
  • No repackaging – direct from the manufacturer
  • Reduced supply chain risk
  • Dedicated Filling Packaging systems
  • Full final product testing prior to release
  • Operate a supplier management process.

Supply Chain

As the only Chlor-Alkali manufacturer on the island of Ireland, no other supplier can offer a more efficient supply chain. All of our products are manufactured on site and delivered to our customers’ premises, eliminating the many stages – and opportunities for contamination – found in imported and brokered supply chains. In other words, we offer the shortest supply chain between manufacturer and user, and a guaranteed continuity of supply.

Service and Technical Support

We have created a unique company culture, striving toward the highest level of customer support and service. Our rigorous quality control and proven operating experience, advanced technology and engineering flexibility, ensure that our customers’ most stringent requirements are quickly and completely satisfied. Our experienced workforce has amassed a huge volume of information and data which is available as a resource to support our customers.

Investment and commitment

We invest heavily in continuous improvement, capital expenditure and maintenance, to ensure our plant is kept in peak condition with minimum down time. This in turn ensures the continual, seamless supply of product.

Quality of systems, processes and products has been a priority for Micro Bio from the outset. Our systems have been developed to ensure that all customer requirements are met and exceeded.

All raw materials used in our process and product streams are inspected and tested by our quality department.

Our closed, dedicated process is PLC controlled with SCADA display and we have over 50 online process analysers. Production is continuously manned with a dedicated team, who perform over 400 in-process analytical tests daily, and over 800 in-process checks daily.

Our comprehensive training programme ensures that our workforce is fully supported in the day-to-day operation of the facility in Fermoy.

Micro Bio’s processes comply with the following standard systems: ISO 9001: 2008, HACCP and GMP. Adherence to these standards ensures product quality.

Health and Safety

Micro Bio has an ongoing commitment to ensuring that safety standards are maintained at the highest possible level.

All products have been registered under REACH and are labelled in accordance with CLP regulations, this is overseen by our on-site DGSA.

All drivers and tankers are ADR certified and all our packaging UN approved.


Micro Bio is licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and, such is the quality of our processes, Micro Bio’s Fermoy plant has been used as the benchmark site in Europe for environmental standards on all Chlor-Alkali sites.

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